Travel & Invest in Costa Rica for Beginners

Costa Rica happens to be one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for investors. If you are considering traveling to Costa Rica, this beginner’s guide highlights prospects of investing in this nation.

Why Invest in Costa Rica?

There are numerous investment hotspots around the world. So why would you want to take your money to a small country in Central America? The CIA World Fact Book describes Costa Rica as a “Central American Success Story”. Numerous of the most popular tech corporations, including HP and the Intel Corporation have established a presence in Costa Rica. Like Switzerland, Costa Rica is a democratic state with no active military force. Whether you’re thinking real estate, education or infrastructure, you’ll want to invest in Costa Rica for the same reasons the most successful businesses and luxury hotels invest in this nation.

Human Rights and Healthcare

Costa Rica’s 1949 constitution offers a wealth of freedoms to citizens and foreigners alike. These include the freedom to press and assembly and the freedom of speech. Costa Rican’s enjoy universal access to healthcare, and the country has managed to trim down poverty to less than 18%. Costa Rica has a firm stand on human rights that foreign investors can benefit from. Foreigners have the same rights to own real estate property as locals. They can thus travel to Costa Rica and buy property in their own names or companies as opposed to countries such as Mexico where you’d need local partners.

Skilled Workforce

Costa Rica has a skilled workforce with a vibrant education system. The World Economic Forum’s global Competitiveness Report has ranked the country’s educational system as the first in Latin America. Primary school children receive English classes, and English is quickly becoming a popular language throughout the nation. Costa Rica’s workforce is considered educate and well-trained. This bilingual and capable workforce has been the major reason why more multinationals are setting foot here.

International Access

With two international airports, Costa Rica is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Moreover, infrastructure in the country is in stage or the other of being improved. New roads and bridges are springing up everywhere. This makes the country more convenient for investors and people who want to do business in Costa Rica.

Favorable Investment Climate

Costa Rica has been progressively attracting investment by multinational companies. This kind of investment is crucial for the country’s growth. Costa Rica provides a secure and conducive environment for home owners.

Costa Rica Real Estate

Over the last three years, Costa Rica’s real estate industry has matured. Previously ( and with the exception of large projects), new development was characterized by less sophisticated construction (e.g. basic condos) and inexpensive land. Experienced developers from around the world have today joined in and the situation is very different. The market has developed as developers recognize the importance of townhomes and condominiums in this world-class destination.

Investing in Costa Rica Real Estate

Real estate is an alternative asset class for investors. Due to its low correlation with bonds and stocks, real estate investment provides good diversification. It protects you from inflation risk and enhances portfolio returns since there’s potential for capital appreciation. As a real estate investor, you may want to travel to Costa Rica and directly access a market that is recording progressive growth. There are also muy opciones de financiamiento or financing options for investors.

The Costa Rican real estate market has reported a very steady improvement between 2012 and 2013. The strengthening of the U.S. economy and housing market is one of the reasons behind this. Although it takes quite some ground work to uncover specific statistics, there’s general consensus that Costa Rica is increasingly a promising real estate investment destination. A recent study reveals that buyer confidence in the Costa Rica market is up. That might explain why more and more business people from North America are traveling downwards to Costa Rica. There’s a diverse range of properties that individual investors, as well as companies, might be interested in.

Ultimately, Costa Rica is a prime investment destination. If you have been considering putting your money in a safe country with a stable economic and political climate, Costa Rica might as well be your best bet!

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