How to Travel & Invest in Costa Rica Real Estate

Costa Rica is one of Latin America’s hottest tourist destinations. According to the Happy Planet Index, it is also the world’s happiest nation.

If you’re thinking about investing in a suitable foreign market, there’s every reason why you should consider the Costa Rica Real Estate market. has helped hundreds of clients from around the world find their ideal real estate property in this happy nation. We know that prime real estate is one of the best investment decisions you can make, and focus on delivering true value to all our clientele. When endeavoring into a foreign market, you need all the skills, expertise and knowledge you can get to make sound investment decisions. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals who love what they do. These are trustworthy people who love what they do. We can help you make travel arrangements, tour dozens of properties that match your portfolio, and as well handle the necessary legal paperwork surrounding the purchase of a home. Travel and invest in a happy, safe haven with

The Costa Rica real estate market has been stable and improving over the last couple of decades. Leading industry experts project that this trend will continue for the next several years due to the country’s attitude of friendliness to foreigners, immense natural attractions, and the strong wave of baby-boomers who are looking to find an ideal destination to retire. There’s reduced travel time from Costa Rica to the continental USA, and this is just one more reason why Costa Rica real estate purchase activity is moving up the ladder

The CIA World Fact Book describes Costa Rica as a “Central American Success Story”. To help you evaluate Costa Rica as a possible real estate destination, here are a number of factors:

#1: Costa Rica is a Buyer’s Market

This means low risk and big gains for people who are looking to purchase property. The local government is committed to promote the sector. Thus, they have created an enabling environment that makes buying a home less complicated for buyers. Today, Costa Rica does not offer the totally cheap prices that it did ten years ago. But it’s still a booming market that has progressively exhibited growth traits. Count on good gains by investing in a stable market as opposed to a growing, unstable market. Most of the people we have helped buy property in Costa Rica have seen their properties double in value within just a couple of years. So whether you are looking to buy a home for residential purposes or shopping for prime investment property around the world, Costa Rica is a promising destination.

Put your eggs in a safe place. Count on a market that’s still going to be profitable decades to come. Get in touch with our Costa Rica real estate team.

#2: Top Global Location

In addition to being ranked as the number one happiest place on earth, Costa Rica is also a desirable destination for many other reasons. It is important that you consider the appeal of the location when making real estate purchase decisions. Costa Rica’s scenic natural beauty makes it a go-to travel destination for many travels who’re on the lookout for the perfect gateway. There are scores of popular tourist spots in Costa Rica. Needless to say, this has been pushing rental and purchase property prices up. Gaming is legal in Costa Rica. Thus, the country has become a leading destination for people who are looking to gamble. Simply put, you’ll never lack ideas for natural and outdoor activities in Costa Rica.

#3: Transparent Purchase Process

During our tenure and throughout our experiences in the real estate industry, we have learnt that purchase transparency is a major factor when deciding on a foreign investment location.  There are fewer restrictions when compared to other top global real estate investment decisions.

Whether you’re looking to invest in price land, beach front property or just an inland home, we can help you get your Costa Rica real estate right.

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